Aimed at all ages and abilities these clinics allow the individual to experience the thrill of track cycling under the guidance and support of nationally qualified coaches.

TRACK The Blackburn Cycling Club track is the perfect place to start learning how to ride the track on a fixed gear bicycle. With very forgiving banking and recently widened duckboards we can have even the most unconfident rider rolling turns around the velodrome quickly and safely. Blackburn Cycling Club hosts a number of "Come and Try" sessions over the year (usually in the warmer months) for new riders to discover their love of track cycling.  We have a number of bikes set up and ready to go in a range of sizes. The RACV Junior Track Development Series page has more info

ROAD For those cyclists that have been commuting to school or work or just riding around the bike trails but want to do more, joining a cycling club is the perfect way to get structure into your training.  Over the winter season we run a number of "Come and Try" sessions for road which will be advertised on this page.  They are a perfect way to get introduced to the sort of riding and training we do as a club. For Juniors over the Winter season the Blackburn Cycling Club Junior Development Series is a wonderful way to get familiar with cycle racing.

WHAT TO WEAR Shoes Although any solid shoe will do, most riders use specific cycling shoes that have cleats attached to the sole that clip into the pedals. The sole of a cycling shoe is made of a very stiff marterial that distributes the pressure from the pedal across a broader area of sole of the foot. Although not manadatory the purchase of Shoes/Pedals and Cleats are probably more important than quality of bike!

Cleats There are number of pedal and cleating systems now on the market however the simple slotted plastic type work well with our club bikes. A club coach or official, or your local bike shop, will be able to help in this matter.

Knicks Cycling knicks are padded with an internal chamois to prevent chafing and are made (supposedly) with flat seams out of the area that you sit on! Note that underwear is not typically worn with cycling knicks as the seams in the underwear defeat the purpose of the knicks. At least a couple of pairs of knicks are usually required to allow for washing after each use to help avoid saddle sores etc.

Tops (Jerseys) Cycling Tops (usually in polyester) are very comfortable whilst being close fitting and have pockets in the back to hold rain jacket, food etc.

Helmet Is mandatory! Make sure it has an Australian Standard Sticker


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